Wholesale Trade

SIA " JUNONA BEP " conducts successful trade in food stuffs on LATVIA, with 1999 has managed to prove as the serious and reliable partner. In our management there is the unique complex of wholesale trade guaranteeing qualitative and modern service each Customer.

SIA " JUNONA BEP " offers wide assortment of food stuffs of domestic and import manufacturers that allows to satisfy needs of our clients as much as possible.

SIA " JUNONA BEP " carries out wholesale: groceries, milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, Bread and flour products, confectionery products, fruit (preserved), vegetables (tinned), frozen products (chicken meat, a fish), eggs, soft drinks and juices, vegetable oil, sweets.

The assortment of offered production constantly is updated and extends.

The big assortment and constant stock of production in our warehouse guarantee stability and efficiency of deliveries that does cooperation with us mutually advantageous and pleasant in every respect.

Making use of the saved up experience, we have created the balanced assortment on many parameters: a season, the price, quality, popularity, availability. The structure of service created by us and used technologies of wholesale trade promote qualitative servicing of customers.

We are always ready to offer the qualitative goods under the price favourable to you! It is promoted by presence of reliable partners and an individual approach to each client.

If you wish to order the goods, familiarize with our price-list.

Each your offer and wish will be met with attention and interest. We guarantee an individual approach, personal discounts.

We shall be glad to see you among our clients!